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Industry Mentored Live Projects

Short term Trading MasterClass

This project will help you to give an edge in terms of understanding various technical indicators and price action charts in order to make sense how the market works. The project delves into how various technical indicators work, and features working on various  models, trying to combine various indicators and price actions in order to generate a good short term technical strategy.

The project is a 3 week long project and will teach you the essentials of technical analysis

Week 1: Understanding Technical Indicators

Week 2: Understanding Price Action and                        Support/Resistance

Week 3: Combine technical indicators to                        generate strategies

Week 4: Learn to trade in live market


1. Have a niche knowledge of technical analysis

2. Certificates and LOR

3. Know how to assess the market and how to design strategies

4. Internship Assistance

Price- 2199 INR

Become an Investor MasterClass

The project is mentored by experts from top notch companies and focuses on the methods to assess the fundamentals of a company. The project involves the process how the fundamental analysts dive into the company fundamentals and perform due diligence for the company. After the project, you can gain a lot of insights and update your CV with a niche skill of understanding fundamentals of a company better than the rest.

The 3-week project will help you gain deep knowledge and expertise in due diligence and financial statement analysis, along with other things like ratio analysis and other approaches.

Week 1: Ratio Analysis, Vertical/horizontal analysis

Week 2: Financial Statements Analysis

Week 3: Due Dligence Reports

Week 4: Combine technical indicators along with fundamental domain knowledge to invest in market for longer term


1. Rich exposure to the world of fundamental analysis

2. Certificates and LOR

3. Working on actual projects from industry

4. Internship Assistance

Price- 2199 INR